BWY Eyebrow Pencil

BWY Eyebrow Pencil

BWY Mascara

Mascara that lifts and extends each lash for a longer fuller-looking lashes with BROADWAY Lengthing mascara.

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What it is:

Like adding lash extensions, BROADWAY Lengthening Mascara grabs each lash with its curved brush applicator for the appearance of longer looking lashes. 

Product Features:

  • Curved brush head lengthens and separates each lash.
  • Jet black color thickens the appearance of lashes
* Regular Mascara: Film type formula encapsulates the individual lashes (VM01~VM03)
* Waterproof: Smudge-free waterproof formula holds the all day with curling, volumizing and defining.(VM04~VM06)

How To Use:

  1. Use brush head on the angle to grab and separate each lash.
  2. In a twisting motion, brush the mascara wand up towards the ends of lashes to coat and separate.